How Memes Are Creating Fashion Crazes

The Rise of the Meme Culture. Some would say that a ‘meme’ is similar to a flu, but spread online through social media and email. No, it’s not a disease, but if you are a recovering procrastinator spending your time browsing memes, is not advised. Memes refer to those joke posts and videos that have gone viral. These videos or poster like posts can also include animation, songs and art.

Sending videos and links to friends to have a laugh has become one o the internet user’s favorite pastimes, and websites such as 9gag has made it possible for their audience to browse memes hours on end. Even if you don’t see yourself as being tech savvy or active online, these jokes and philosophies might have reached you without your knowing.

Think in the lines of Gangnam Style, The Old Spice Man, Grumpy Cat, LOLcats, Rebecca Black, Epic Fail, Jizz in my Pants, First World Problems, Demotivational Posters or Y U No; it’s likely that at least one of these would be familiar to you. The question is, how influential can these videos really be? If a video has went viral, most internet user probably stumbled upon it, and these are also the people to then share and support the content.

Not only will they share what is funny with their friends, but just like representing anything else they love by wearing it, these memes will turn into items of printed clothing or various accessories to be sold to the public. Wearing something meme-related is a way of further extending the joke and also a way of endorsing it. People are familiar with certain jokes and would like to wear meme apparel to show this familiarity as well as the fact that they are ‘in the loop’. Let us take a look at some of the internet meme’s accessories and items to start a fashion frenzy: From Memes to Fashion Memorable Memes printed out on t-shirts, handbags and backpacks have become the norm, but apart from these meme merchandise items certain items or accessories now have a direct relation to the meme itself.

Other alternative meme fashion comes in the form of dressing up like a popular meme for instance an outfit resembling ‘Condescending Wonka’ , ‘Bad Luck Brian’ and ‘Success Kid’. This gives the average person the change to dress up in ‘normal’ clothes but to look like these characters that became popular because of the memes going viral. Bejeweled Believe it or not, you can also now purchase Meme Jewelery like this ‘Me Gusta’ necklace, Forever Alone Earrings, Derp Armband, Anonymous Necklace, Nyan Cat Necklace and more.

Angie’s Leg Another meme was born when Angelina Jolie attended the Oscars in a rather leg-revealing dress. This dress ended up being one of the most talked about outfits, and not because it was a fashion-hit but rather because it opened up a sea of possibilities for meme creators. This fashion faux pax is now a popular meme all over the web. The Hipster Barista and the Hipsterstache This rather pretentious hipster has become a very popular meme on the internet. Even though a lot of hipsters might already dress like this, it has now become a meme trend to take photographs with fake moustaches, thick rimmed glasses or artsy polarized sunglasses and an interesting haircut.

The moustache does not only feature in hipster-joke memes but also on ‘Like A Sir’ and other memes: The Scumbag Hat You all know that typical douche bag that nobody likes but seems to be popular anyway? Well, of course there would be a particular meme describing this guy, he is called Scumbag Steve and the scumbag hat is now one of the main meme items around. The hat has now become the symbol of being a douche bag, and it now even features in other memes on the internet.

The Street Style Transformation When it comes to street style, anything goes. This is where individuals test how fashionable their latest outfits are. Not only is street style the fashion of the present, but it represents what trends, designers and styles stick to the public. It comes as no surprise that meme wear, outfits and accessories can be found on the fashion sidewalks by every type of individual. Wearing an outfit that resembles or refers to a meme shows that you are on trend and that you like to be unique and not always wear the mainstream commercial clothing and fashion.