The T Shirt Man Celebrates 17 Years of T Shirt Printing

Jordan started The T Shirt Man at the University of Portsmouth in 2006, It all started when we had to organise an outfit for a freshers week hippie party, Jordan decided to simply tie dye a white t shirt and use spray paint to add a simple peace symbol, The next morning (after the night before) whilst having "breakfast" we joked at the idea of selling them on ebay, so being a bored and penniless student I decided to post the garment from the night before onto ebay added is a buy it now items for £7.50 plus P&P.. It sold and after a few more sales of less worn items it seamed like a way of making some extra money whilst studying. 



Within a week he had sold 15 items and what started as a bit of  banter was now becoming a format to earn a little spending money.

Within a year the spray painted designs and tie died t shirts had gone and the start of a somewhat professional printing had started, initially working out of student rooms untill in 2007 the University of Portsmouth offered Jordan an office within the University as a way to develop the business.

Today 17 years later The T Shirt Man is printing 1000 + garments every week using all methods of printing from Screen, DTF, Flex and Embroidery (no spray paint anymore)

We have nestled into our own sector of the market offering customers a rapid turnaround on custom printed clothing.

So what started out as a small university enterprise has expanded and allows both individuals and business the full expression with a fully customised and personalised T-Shirt!

We don’t just print T-Shirts though, why not go that extra step and look at our full range of clothing options all ready for you to personalise and turn into that special something.

The T-shirt is one of the most well-known and loved expression of pop-culture. They’re in closets and drawers all over the world, beloved by both young and old.

With fast turnaround, great prices and top quality, we know you won’t be disappointed. Whatever your need, The T Shirt Man is here.

Based in Portsmouth, we supply people and businesses from all over the country.  No order is too big or too small and no idea is impossible to capture so if you are unsure of what you want or how to do it, why not contact us.  We pride ourselves on our excellent service and love working with our customers.  That is why we are one of the leading clothing printers in the country.

For fast, cost effective and great quality printing, The T-Shirt Man is here to help. Contact Us

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