Artwork Guidelines

We understand that this may be your first time ordering custom printed clothing, Do not worry the process
is very simple and with over 17 years experience we shall make this a walk in the park for you.
We have heard it all before and you will not be the first to ask silly questions..

Will my order arrive on time?

We guarantee that almost all of our orders will arrive promptly to our valued customers. We prioritise promptness and don't
accept orders that are at risk of being delayed. Despite our already excellent 99% on-time
delivery rate, we're always working to get our customers their items faster.

What File Formats are accepted?

We accept a huge number of formats and however it comes from a screenshot to a fully vectorised artwork, we should and have worked with everything in between. While we accept many formats, such as .jpg, gif, bmp and tiff file formats among others - for the best quality prints we request vector files such as EPS, PSD, AI, SVG and PSD are some examples of these.

We are also able to vectorise most artwork for a flat fee of around £15.00 + VAT

What is Vectorisation / Pixelation?

All designers know the pain of pixelation. Having something they created with care turn out rough, jagged, and blurry is heartbreaking.

Do not fear!! Our knowledgeable and artistic design team will be glad to amend any issues by enhancing and vectorising your image, cleaning its edges, and altering the colours or outlines to your liking - all you have to do is inquire! Prices begin at £15.00 +VAT for fundamental artwork improving; yet, more complex artwork may necessitate additional time and may cost slightly more.

Placement & Centering

When you place an order with us, we handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks of producing your apparel, such as verifying that your design looks exactly how you intended on the garment, and making sure it is perfectly aligned and positioned correctly on the garment.

We'll also troubleshoot any minor issues we spot and can send you a proof before printing if you wish.

Removing Background Colours On Your Uploaded Images

If you upload your own design, you might notice a box in the background of the same colour as your shirt or a white square. Not to worry, once you've placed your order we'll make sure that the boxes and colours disappear and only the artwork and design on your garment is visible..

Colour Changes

If you're looking to switch up the colours of your artwork, no need to worry - it's a piece of cake for us! Even if you have a white design on a white background, we can make it visible and modify it easily with a .png file

Changing Your Uploaded Design

If you would like to customise your design with a name, date, or year, we are happy to accommodate you! All modifications are generally free of cost, so just let us know what changes you would like us to make and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

Ink Colour Contrast

We strive to ensure your satisfaction with every custom t-shirt we create for you. Therefore, to make sure you don't experience any surprises, we'll advise you if we anticipate the ink colour will not be as visible on the fabric as expected. If you would like our input before placing your order, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email.

If you need more help with your graphics Here's what we can offer:

If you require any further assistance with your artwork, here is what we offer:

  1. We have a verification system, so please ensure accuracy before submitting your design. Once approved, we cannot be liable for any errors in the artwork and usually, cannot accept changes afterwards. Should you experience any difficulties, do not hesitate to reach out to our team who will be glad to assist you.
  2. Please ensure you check all details thoroughly before authorising. We are not responsible for any errors in the artwork that were approved, and post approval, modifications are typically not possible.
  3. Please review all information carefully prior to approval. After authorization, any discrepancies in the artwork will not be accepted and we cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies. If you experience any issues, do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to help.
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