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In the last 14 years, printing technology has progressed immensely and attitudes towards ethical and sustainable production have also shifted drastically. The T Shirt Man wants their customers to get the best of both worlds: quality, ethically sourced and affordable. To ensure this is not done at the cost of human rights and other principles, we only sell clothes from suppliers who are committed to ethical & sustainable production. Moreover, they always try to find environmentally friendly ways of producing these clothes, so you can be proud of your purchase each time you put it on.

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)

WRAP is an independent, non-profit organisation that strives to ensure humane, lawful and ethical production around the globe. Its facility certification program is the biggest of its kind, primarily concerning apparel, footwear and sewn product industries. Each facility that goes through the process gets certification ranging from 6 months to one year based on their adherence to 12 WRAP Principles. These principles draw from generally accepted international workplace regulations, local laws, health & safety regulations, environmental standards, and even legal regulations concerning imports, exports and security.

Fair Wear Foundation

In 1999, Fair Wear set out with a mission to improve the working conditions in the garment industry. Though much has been accomplished since then, a great deal remains to be done. As a multi stakeholder organisation, Fair Wear works to join forces between brands, factories, workers, trade unions, NGOs, and other key figures in the industry. Realignment of goals is necessary for the whole industry to reach a fair point. Fair Wear looks at the situation optimistically and is dedicated to making our shared dreams into a reality by using the advantages of each stakeholder. Our approach is to collaborate closely to create a transformation-supporting majority. We also provide active and concrete assistance to workers, enabling them to be the force of change and in charge of observing their working conditions. We work towards a state where garment workers are well informed and their rights are defended, their voices are heard, and they can stand up for themselves when those rights are disregarded. We guide and assess brands to ensure the total and full execution of the OECD Guidelines for Human Rights.

Fair Labour Association

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) has been implementing labour standards for over 20 years that aspire to guarantee suitable and humane working conditions. These standards are based on International Labour Organization regulations and worldwide recognized best practices in labour. Organisations that are a part of the FLA must adhere to all applicable laws and policies of the country in which their staff are working, and also adhere to the Fair Labor Code in any of their related factories and warehouses. If any dissimilarities or discrepancies in the standards arise, companies affiliated with the FLA can request removal of FLA accreditation and notify all subsequent suppliers..

Confidence in textiles

Confidence in textiles – an international synonym for responsible textile production – from the raw material to the finished product on the shop shelves. Since 1992, the International Oeko-Tex® Association's independent test institutes have maintained the motto of 'confidence in textiles' as they use Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 tests to evaluate the safety of all kinds of textile products in terms of their potential harm to human health. This criteria catalogue provides companies in the textile and clothing industry with an internationally-recognised, scientifically-grounded safety standard for the human ecological safety of textiles in an ever-globalised and fragmented production environment. The Oeko-Tex® label indicates the added benefit of safety and skin-friendly features in textiles and gives buyers the tools to make informed decisions when purchasing textiles. Confidence in textiles is a widely-used phrase which reflects a responsible approach to textile production and gives consumers assurance that their clothing and textiles are both fashionable and functional.

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