Interesting Stag Party Game Ideas

To many guys, the stag party represents the end of single life and the journey into marriage. It’s a last stand for the groom-to-be and his friends to share some fun memories, a few drinks and games. So, the great responsibility of organizing the party falls on the shoulders of the groom’s good friends. Here are some quick ideas about what you could do at a stag party besides taking care of booking the party venue, catering, photos and invitees.

Getting to Know the Guys

Everyone at a party knows who the host is, or in this case, who the groom-to-be is, but maybe not everyone is familiar with each other. It would be a nice start to the evening if each guest gives a few facts about himself, but to keep it fun, only one has to be true. The others will have to decide which is the truth and which are the lies. This will get the party started and it’s guaranteed to be fun. They could also tell stories about themselves and the groom.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a really popular game that will surely get the party in full swing. The fun in playing the scavenger hunt is that you are not restricted only to the location the party is held at, but you have the freedom to go out to accomplish your goal. You could split the party group in teams and give each of them hints on each advancement. You have such a wide range of choses for this hunt, varying from hiding stuff on giving assignments like serenading a girl at the bar, getting twenty women to sign your shirt. You could even have a prize waiting for the person who completes the task first.

Coin games

What you need for this game is beer, an empty glass and several coins (preferably no more than three coins per person). The objective is to land your coins in the glass. The last person to have their coin land in the glass has to drink. The rules are simple: no person my have more than three coins in front of him at any one time. If anyone notices a player with more than three coins then they can call that person and he must drink before they can throw another coin. The player that lost the previous round starts the next initial throw. Don’t Say it! Before starting the party, decide on a word that everyone must avoid saying. It could be anything, from beer, bachelor, girls, or even a certain name. Every time one of the guys says this word, he has to take a drink.

Other possibilities

It may be that the groom-to-be isn’t that much into spending all the party in a bar. In this case, there are plenty of things to do besides staying home. You could find batting cages that host bachelor parties if you’re into that, or you could book a night with games, pizza and beer somewhere besides a bar. The same could be done at paintball fields. These are some options for a groom-to-be that cares more about spending time with his friends than hitting the bar scene.