The T Shirt Man is a reputable printing company based in Portsmouth, England, known for its quality apparel printing services. They specialize in providing custom-designed t-shirts and other garments for various events and occasions. This case study showcases a remarkable instance where The T Shirt Man demonstrated exceptional efficiency and commitment to meet an urgent order from one of its esteemed clients, Microsoft.

The Challenge:

Microsoft, a globally recognized technology company, was hosting a pride event in Belfast, Ireland. As part of their celebration and support for the LGBTQ+ community, Microsoft needed 15 custom-designed t-shirts for their team members attending the event. Due to an unforeseen logistical issue, the initial batch of t-shirts they ordered from a different supplier was delayed, and there was a growing concern that the garments might not arrive in time for the event.

The Solution:

In their time of urgency, Microsoft reached out to The T Shirt Man to explore the possibility of producing and delivering 15 t-shirts within the next 24 hours, from Portsmouth to Belfast. The T Shirt Man was aware of the importance of the event and the significance of delivering on time to support Microsoft’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


To ensure the smooth execution of the express next day service, The T Shirt Man immediately assembled a dedicated team to handle this time-sensitive order. The team consisted of skilled designers, printers, quality control experts, and logistics personnel. The following steps were taken to meet the challenge:

  1. Rapid Design and Approval Process: The designers at The T Shirt Man promptly collaborated with Microsoft’s representatives to create a unique and meaningful design for the pride event. After receiving Microsoft’s approval, the design was swiftly prepared for printing.
  2. Efficient Printing and Production: State-of-the-art printing equipment and techniques were employed to produce high-quality prints on the selected t-shirts. The T Shirt Man ensured that the printing process was carried out with precision and attention to detail.
  3. 24/7 Operations: The T Shirt Man extended its production and logistics operations to run 24/7 for this specific order. Teams worked in shifts to minimize downtime and maintain maximum productivity.
  4. Coordinated Logistics: The logistics team strategized the fastest and most reliable route for delivering the garments from Portsmouth to Belfast. They coordinated with reputable courier services to guarantee a seamless and timely delivery.
  5. Quality Control: The T Shirt Man had a stringent quality control process in place to check every garment for printing errors, damages, or defects before dispatching them.


Thanks to the exceptional efforts of The T Shirt Man’s team and their commitment to delivering under challenging circumstances, the order was successfully completed and dispatched on time. The 15 custom t-shirts, designed specifically for Microsoft’s pride event, reached Belfast in under 24 hours, well before the event’s scheduled commencement. Microsoft’s team was elated to receive the high-quality garments that represented their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Customer Feedback:

Microsoft expressed its utmost gratitude to The T Shirt Man for their swift response and outstanding dedication to fulfilling the urgent order. The reliability and efficiency demonstrated by The T Shirt Man helped Microsoft successfully host their pride event with their team proudly donning the custom-designed t-shirts.


The case of The T Shirt Man’s express next day service for Microsoft’s pride event exemplifies the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to rise to the occasion even under challenging timelines. Through effective coordination, skilled execution, and unwavering dedication, The T Shirt Man proved itself as a dependable partner in providing urgent garment solutions for significant events.

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