Vinyl printing for T Shirt printing

Vinyl printing also broadly known as transfer printing is a type of technique where the design is first printed on a non-textile surface then later transferred to a different one. This is usually done using a vinyl that is then sealed onto the t-shirt using a heat press. It actually looks like a sticker. Benefits of Vinyl Printing

  • It is easy to store the designs printed on paper
  • Production time is relatively shorter compared to other printing techniques which allow for fast t-shirt printing
  • Vinyl printing does not require professional skills. In fact, it even has a low reject rate
  • It is easier to print complex designs on paper than on fabric

Vinyl printing is the most common form of t-shirt printing. It had been there long before screen printing came along. It has the following advantages:

  1. Good for personalization.

Vinyl t-shirt printing is the perfect technique for personalizing the same t-shirt with different designs. For instance, you may want to personalize sports team kits. This will require the same type of t-shirt printed several times with different numbers and names for the players.

  1. Perfect for Bold Choices

Vinyl paper comes in numerous shapes and sizes which gives you a lot of options in terms of effects and colors. A good example is fluorescent tones which are practically impossible to achieve with other printing techniques. In addition, you may get effects such as glitter and even flock, how awesome!

  1. Durability

Vinyl is very durable and can stand many years of washes and wear. It is for this reason that it is used for printing sportswear. The most commonly used type of transfer printing is the Computer Aided Design cut vinyl which involves transferring onto t-shirts and clothing. It is mostly used to print logos, numbers, and names onto sports t-shirts. So, what are the stages of vinyl printing? Step 1: Image selection The original file of what is to be printed should be saved in high-quality to ensure the best result possible. Step 2: Print Once you have selected the design, print it on the transfer material. For a better quality finish, it is important that you get a professional heat transfer paper. Step 3: Weeding When working with vinyl, the design must be cut from the material automatically or done by hand. This process is optional as some designs may require it while some may not. Step 4: Press Press the paper against the fabric using a heat press and left for a while to let the heat do its job. Step 5: Cool Off After the necessary amount of time has passed, lift the press and let the garment to cool off. This printing technique is fast and very efficient. If you are looking for a fast, cheap and quality custom made t-shirt, contact the T-Shirtman t-shirt printing company for all your custom made apparels. We do fast t-shirt printing and do both same day and next day deliveries on all orders.