Top tips for Stylish Men’s Business Attire

Choose a good fabric for your suit

These days, many suits are made from synthetic materials. However, the cheaper the fabric, the worse the quality of the suit. This will show, so choose the best possible fabric if you want to make an impression. Wool is your best option here, although quality suits made from a mix of wool and polyester are also available. Another great thing about these materials is that they are less likely to crease, which means fewer trips to the dry cleaner’s!

Buttons can make all the difference

When choosing your suit jacket, think about the number of buttons you should have on it. A great trend in fashion for men is the double-breasted jacket, which tends to have either four buttons (two lots of two) or six buttons (three lots of two). If you decide to go for a double-breasted jacket, choose the number of buttons carefully. Taller men should opt for six buttons, while shorter men should prefer four buttons. This is to create an impression of proportionality along your body. In single breasted jackets, only one button is a good idea for social events.

Suit trousers should fit perfectly

In fashion for men, the best option for suit trousers is to choose ones with a flat front. They may need to be adjusted at the bottom: the ideal length is just above your heel, with the bottom resting on your shoelaces when you are standing. Around the waist, the trousers should be a comfortable fit with or without a belt. When trying on your suit or having it fitted, make sure that you can move around in it comfortably – it is certainly not stylish to have your suit split open after a sudden movement!

Choose your suit pattern and colour wisely

Avoid bright colours, unless you work in a particularly casual or arty office. The best choices, eternal classics which will never go out of fashion, are navy blue and brown. It is a good idea to ensure that the colour you choose enhances your complexion – if in doubt, ask a friend or a shop assistant. Pinstripes are always great and can make you look trendy and professional at the same time. Just make sure that the jacket and the trousers match, or at least look for the closest combination of stripes. Other patterns are more daring, although a check suit can have a real effect if chosen carefully.

Things to avoid

The wrong footwear can ruin your whole look. For example, never wear sandals or trainers with business attire. While they might make you look cute and fun, ties with cartoon characters and similar comical motifs do not make you look professional. A definite no-no. It’s easily done, but whatever you do, don’t forget to remove shop tags from your clothes – nobody wants to know how much you paid for your suit. Finally, an ill-fitting suit will make you look like you borrowed it from your older brother – avoid at all costs.