Toddlers and the latest trends

Unless you are the parent of one of those unnervingly precocious kids like Suri Cruise who, apparently, are so clued in to the latest trends that they pick out their own impeccable outfits without the aid of their fashion obsessed mothers and stylistic teams then you will want to hear this.

Some say it is unfortunate that you can’t just clad a small person in dungarees and let them run wild around the fields anymore. Some also say that when it comes to kid’s clothes, quality and durability is an absolute necessity as children have a habit of ruining their clothes, sometimes with no obvious explanation as to how they managed it at all. I’m one of those people. I’m also one of those people who know that there is no reason whatsoever that good quality clothes should look anything less than awesome. This goes double for kids, as when they’re growing up they form their style sense that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Why would anyone want to start their kid off by letting them enjoy looking like a scarecrow?

What to wear when you’re too young to notice?

It’s a real slog to figure out what the actual trends are for adults these days (can someone let me know if tweed and block fluorescent patches is a ‘thing’ yet?) and so little time is left to figure out what the youngest of the young folks are wearing. This little guide has been put together for those of you who need to get in the know about what the cool kids look like these days. Broadly speaking, the trends for the younger crew are split up into girls and boys. Of course they are. When children are young enough parents are able to get away with dressing them however they want. This means girls have super cute dresses, vibrant colours and flowers and all that. Boys have a much more muted selection but it can sometimes still be awesome when things like really small suits and bow ties make an appearance. For everyday wear though, when kids are small enough, all you need for girls and boys are well made clothes that will last through the rough and tumble of toddlerhood.

Get the look everyone else in playschool will want to copy

TREND KLAXON. This season, kids will be mostly wearing skate and street style clothes. This is largely due to the massive surge in this style for adults (and what adults like, they will pass on). There are a few companies who recognised this early on and have made it their mission to produce some seriously cool gear aimed squarely at kids. I’ve put together five of the key products/looks for the near future below. All so you don’t have to go looking for yourself! Now who’s being spoiled? 899661– This super awesome girl’s top from Molo shows just what can be achieved with some subtle colouring and an artistic print. All the focus is on the art here and coupling the central colour with the long cut turns what could be a simple top into an unusual and individual bit of fashion. 896511– This DC boy’s shirt has a hood on it in a contrasting colour to liven it up a bit. If you pay attention, wherever you go these days you’ll see a variation on this theme of check shirt with a hood and this is one of the best examples I know of the style. 111550- When it gets a bit nippy outside there’s still no reason to sacrifice warmth and comfort on the altar of looking awesome. This Fat Face gilet is seriously cosy, and the beautiful colouring, detailing and features on it really make it stand out from the crowd. 83721- It’s all about throwing a bit of rebellious colour at the world this year and what better way to do it than with a load of paint? Well . . . that can be a bit messy. So as an alternative, bright trousers, coloured jeans or leggings like these from Joules (for girls) are a great addition to any kid’s wardrobe whether they are boys or girls. 84535- Don’t forget the feet. There’s nothing worse than stepping on an upturned plug, or lego. If you’ve got kids running about the place, odds are you’re likely to have both of these things on your floor. You’re old enough to be able to avoid them, but kids need a bit of help. These classic shape, modern look Converse shoes are not only the perfect protection from floor nasties, but they cap off a street style like nothing else can. The perfect thing to tie a surfer/urban look together.