The T-Shirt Man &United Nations World Youth Skills Day

The United Nations World Youth Skills Day was celebrated on 15th July 2019. It is a day when youth skills are recognized in both formal and informal sectors. Looking at today’s society, it is very clear that unemployment is on the rise. There are so many organizations that have come up with strategies to eradicate it; the United Nations is one of them.

The most affected people are youth. Furthermore, graduating is not a guarantee that you will get employment immediately. Therefore, many youths today strive to create employment by using the skills they have. During the United Nations World Youth Skills Day, the focus was not only to empower the youth but to encourage them as well.

This goes a long way in ensuring they embrace both technical and vocational training. In as much as formal education is very important, every youth should get an opportunity to let their skills be recognized. For the economy to grow, we need people from all sectors. The T-Shirt Man t-shirt printing company has been a home for so many youths since it was founded. It has not only created employment for numerous youths but also given them a platform to express their creative skills. At the T-Shirt Man, we celebrate with the UN this important day as we continue to uplift and empower each other through our work. We are committed to engaging in active and sustainable development.

Young people need to recognize their skills early enough as this may become their source of income. With many people unemployed, it is only right that you use your know-how to earn a living. This way, we will be able to get rid of many vices in society without harming the economy in any way. The T-shirt man is committed to ensuring that we spread this through printing to create awareness among the youth. Thank you for reading our article; if you are interested in signing up to our blog please add your email address into the footer at the bottom of our website.

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