T Shirt Printing in Portsmouth

So this has been a ultra-busy week and not as we would usually consider a week to be busy, this week was busy not because of volume of garments but the sheer number of single t shirts that we have printed an in most cases that have been collected from our store in Palmerston Road in Southsea, Portsmouth. All week our fantastic customers have been calling us asking to deliver the impossible and the shock in their voices when we answer them with… No Problem.

To a t shirt being turnaround in less than an hour for lovely Shelly who forgot about the Secret Santa at the Christmas party that she was on her way to, to a job of 30 t shirts being delivered next day as they had been let down by another supplier. At The T Shirt Man we make it our daily mission to keep all our customers happy and those that are coming from other suppliers even happier. As a small growing business in Portsmouth we know and understand our customers and if it means that we have to work a little bit longer or harder then sobeit, we are here to make you happy, and constantly striving to increase the turnaround time and customer care that goes into every order.

We know that when a customer orders something they want that item now, although with custom printed t shirts it is not always possible to have the item NOW. But we are always striving to get the garments out as fast as possible and usually within the 3 – 5 days that we advertise. We have also not finished taking order for Christmas, so as you are wrapping your presents and you forget the present for Uncle Barry, or as a friend said last night. “Wouldn’t it be great for everyone around the table on Christmas day to be wearing the same t shirt?”