Screen Printing vs. Vinyl Printing; which one is fast?

There has been a lot of debate between the screen and vinyl printing for t-shirts. Truth is, both printing methods offer high quality and long-lasting prints. Vinyl printing is all about heat transfer. It involves using a machine to cut out designs from colored vinyl and heat press them on the t-shirt. Screen printing, on the other hand, involves the use of actual screens. You will them make templates for whichever design you want, spread ink over each screen then it passes through the t-shirt underneath. The following are some of the differences between screen and vinyl printing:

  1. The Run Time

For small orders or runs, consider using vinyl printing. This is because this method is a little slower than screen printing since each t-shirt will need its own setup. This may, in turn, make the printing process time consuming and cost ineffective. Screen printing, on the other hand, is suitable for big orders. Setting up screen printing may take longer compared to vinyl printing but the moment the setup is done, the printing process is smooth. Here, printing is speedy because there’s nothing to change so long as the t-shirt design remains the same.

  1. Colour and Detail

For simple graphics, go for vinyl printing. It is the easiest way to create basic shapes, text or designs. However, fine details may be lost since it is not easy to blend colors. You can use screen printing to print your favorite cartoon character on your t-shirt. This method will give you access to a high level of color and detail thereby making it possible to print photographs. In fact, screen printing is the perfect method to effortlessly create complex designs. You have access to a full range of colors. You can blend the colors to suit your preference.

  1. Lifespan

Both methods produce high quality and long lasting prints on garments. With vinyl printing, the design should be able to last as long as five years. However, the graphics produces through screen printing lasts for as long as the t-shirt lasts but only under normal or proper use. You may consider washing your t-shirts with cold water inside out to maximize the lifespan of the prints. Final Thought Whichever printing method you decide to choose may have to depend on the number or order you have. If you are printing the same design and you have a large order, consider using screen printing. This will give you a beautiful end product fast and cost-effectively. If you are not working around a deadline, you can use vinyl printing. There’s no difference really, so long as you can work your way around your preferred printing method. Thank you for reading our article; if you are interested in signing up to our blog please add your email address into the footer at the bottom of our website. If you would like more information regarding The T Shirt Man – Cheap, Simple & Fast T Shirt Printing and fast turnaround printing services please contact any of our offices from the Contact Page. We currently offer a next day or same day dispatch on the majority of our printing orders. We ship nationwide daily and are able to get any number of garments printed to you for the next day delivery please feel free to contact us now via phone on 02392 984 667 or email us at and tell us about your upcoming requirements Yours Faithfully, The T Shirt Man – Cheap, Simple & Fast T Shirt Printing