Printing Techniques 2023

Creating a t-shirt involves the right printing techniques to suit the customer’s preferences. Heat press and screen printing are the most commonly used printing techniques in the industry. Screen Printing It is also known as silkscreen printing. It is the ideal method for printing high-quality t-shirts.

This method requires a stencil and a nylon mesh. To set up, the nylon mesh holds the stencil. Then, a waterproof material blocks the t-shirt space that one intends to print on. Space is also known as negative space and is the only part permeable for printing. Screen printing technique can be used to print t-shirts in large quantities. Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing This method requires a textile printer, ink as well as knowledge and skills. It works almost like a paper printer in the office. To set up, you need first to load the design into the computer. Then print on the garment.

This technique is perfect for printing complex designs. The result has a delicate and soft touch, mainly because the ink is thin. Dye Sublimation This method is perfect for light fabrics. An excellent example here is the polyester fabric. For the method to work well, you need to use liquid dye that dries up when it comes in contact with the polyester. After drying, it solidifies. Here, you can apply heat and pressure for the sublimation process to be complete. Heat Press Printing This is a very economical method to use on small order as it saves both time and resources.

It incorporates designs printed on transfer papers which are then transferred on the t-shirt. This method is also ideal for intricate designs. The end product is not only impressive but durable. Vinyl Cutting This involves the cutting of a soft cloth into shapes, patterns or designs, then transferred to a t-shirt. A heat press is then applied onto the shapes, pattern or designs. It is the best method for printing multiple garments types. Thank you for reading our article; if you are interested in signing up to our blog please add your email address into the footer at the bottom of our website. If you would like more information regarding The T Shirt Man – Cheap, Simple & Fast T Shirt Printing and fast turnaround printing services please contact any of our offices from the Contact Page.

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