Everything you need to know about Fast T-Shirt Printing

Everything you need to know about Fast T Shirt Printing Everyday, we see t-shirts with logos, lettering and images representing several brands. When we see this, we subconsciously remember the brand, It is thought that a brand is saved into our memory after seeing the logo 3 times, this is why custom printed clothing is such a great method for advertisers to spread their brand without high costs. Today, we will discuss all you need to know about t shirt printing. The history of t-shirt printing can be dated back to 960 to 1279 AD in China. It was done as screen printing (screen made of silks). The silk printing expanded with several techniques and style all around Asia and Europe in the late 1700s. On several occasions where you meet different types of t-shirt printing that have different meaning. When it comes to that, here are the types of t-shirt printings;

  • The Concert T-Shirt

This type of t-shirt printing is recognized with band and musicians for their tours and shows. Are you are a musician or a band that needs quick t-shirt for your next show? The T-Shirt man is here to do job.

  • T-Shirts for Tourists

Tourist T-shirt plans are typically screen printed with pictures and words directly associated with a particular city, country or culture. The T-shirts express or show something about the spot or places an individual has been. The idea of this type of printing is to show the group traveling together.

  • A Course T-Shirt

This type is done for military group or students in school who have completed a course. The best place to get the best but cheap T-Shirt printing in Europe for a course is from the T-shirt man.

  • The Merchandise T-Shirt Printing

This is the most common type of T-shirt printing. It is what we see everyday. It is done to represent brands or trademarks. The merchandise T-shirt is employed by the advertising unit of a company to build promotion. This type is also done for retail sales. The T-shirt man brings the best merchandise T-shirt to give your brand the best promotion and retail sale. Looking at the type of T-shirt printing above, you begin to wonder how they are made. Well, there are several types of method used in making T-shirt printing. They include;

  • Screen Printing

This is the most common type of method. It is used for only one color printing and not for multicolor printing.

  • The Direct to Garment Method

Another type of common printing. This method works like the paper printer in the office. The only difference is the ink is replaced with fabrics.The design is created on the computer before it is printed on the shirt. The type of printing is less durable.

  • Dye Sublimation

A common method used on light fabrics. It also ideal for hoodie printing since it would be worn in an environment that is less hot. A high amount of heat expands the dye and damage the fabric.

  • The Heat Press Method

This method is very economical for small orders. It is mostly used when a next day T-shirt printing is required. One other method in T-Shirt Printing is the Vinyl cutting method. Here you cut soft clothes into shapes and designs, then are transferred to the material to be printed on. The T-Shirt Man is the best for sportswear, hoodie and other types of shirts all over Europe.