Choosing the best T Shirt Printing Method

Choosing the right screen printing ink for that perfect finish

So you have a screen printing project? and you want best T Shirt Printing Method? You’re definitely asking yourself how to go about choosing the right ink for your project. Well, this post is for you. There are key factors that you should consider before buying any ink for your screen printing project.

The Quality of the Ink wtih T Shirt Printing Method

To properly know the quality of fabric ink, choose one that comes with a rich, vibrant colour. It is more likely to produce a beautiful finish. Also, it should be able to offer permanence and does not fade even after washing severally.

Compatibility of the substrate

Is the ink compatible with the materials you plan to print on? There are inks that can print on any surface and there are those that are intended for specific surfaces. Get ink that works well will all of the substrate so that you get a limitation on what to print with.

Brand of the ink

Quality sometimes comes with the brand of the product. The ink you choose should be able to meet all your needs so it is advisable you buy from popular brands. Remember, you are looking for eye-catching prints.

Ink Colour wtih T Shirt Printing Method

Buy ink colours that match with the project at hand. If you are a creative person, you can decide on the colour by just looking at the project details. You can also be creative enough to come up with your own colour by mixing different colours. This may end up overlaying beautifully.

Water-based or not?

Water-based inks are very popular for screen printing. They are considered to be very effective as they get saturated in the garment fibers during application to bring out a soft durable look. Compared to other inks, water-based inks will give you that perfect finish you are looking. It is also very compatible with most garment fibers.   If you are in need of more information regarding screen printing or any method of t shirt printing please do not hesitate to contact The T Shirt Man on 02392 984 667 or via the contact form