Check Assess and Ensure: a Guide to Quality Printed T Shirts

Did you know there are several ways of checking quality printed t shirts? Well, here’s a step-to-step guide on how to go about it. You’ll need to check:

  • The durability
  • Quality of the colors
  • Image quality as well as sharpness
  • The breathability of the finished garment
  • Caring and washing considerations

Assessing Quality: A Guide to Uniform Color and Texture in Printed T Shirts

Durability Several factors play a role in ensuring that a printed t-shirt remains durable for a long time. These include a good construction of the t-shirt, its fabric quality as well as prints and elements longevity. We all want quality-looking custom t-shirts. Therefore, it is important to be keen when choosing a printed t-shirt as you do not want to buy one that looks cheap after one of two washes by decolorizing, prints cracking and peeling. Quality of Colors The first thing anyone would notice is the color of the t-shirt. However, how do you know if the color is a quality one, or if it will fade after a few washes? Here are some things you need to look out for:

  • Check if the color is evenly distributed throughout the t-shirt. The uniformity of the color can be checked by comparing the sleeves and the main body. If it’s a quality one, you will not notice a shift between the tones.
  • Visually analyze the print and color saturation and make sure they are vibrant as they should be.
  • Touch the colors and feel the prints. They should not feel rough or scratchy. Instead, you should be able to feel a smooth transition of prints. Anything other than that will lead to falling of the ink.

Ensuring Precision: A Comprehensive Guide to Image Quality in T-Shirt Prints

Image Quality and Sharpness In this step, you are looking at how the images are assembled as well as the construction of the prints in terms of sharpness and image resolution. In this case, always check the t-shirt both on the inside and outside. Do not be swayed by what you see on the outside; the interior needs to match the exterior in order to avoid buying a low quality printed t-shirt. You can also inspect the clarity and sharpness of each printed image as well as ensuring that the construction of each seam and hems are done correctly.

Moreover, other ways of checking quality printed t-shirts is to review the breathability and transpiration of the garment. This will be determined by the fabric of the t-shirt as each fabric plays a role in the breathability of the garment. Thank you for reading our article; if you are interested in signing up to our blog please add your email address into the footer at the bottom of our website. If you would like more information regarding The T Shirt Man – Cheap, Simple & Fast T Shirt Printing and fast turnaround printing services please contact any of our offices from the Contact Page.

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