Always Up for a Laugh with Comedy T-shirts

One of the best things about comedy t shirts is their versatility – you can find a wide range of different styles and slogans, from ones that have more subtle humour, to ones that, well, don’t. How you combine these t shirts with the rest of your outfit can also vary, with statement t shirts often working best when they’re not being distracted from. Funny t-shirts can be found online and offline, and can be chosen to match up to your tastes. Some of the funniest comedy T-shirts for 2013 to watch out for include:

What the F*** Would Scooby-Do?

Available online through the Officers Club brand, this shirt features green writing on a purple backing, and can also be bought in green on grey, and in green and white lettering on black. Referencing the cartoon, this t shirt is perfect for all those situations when the best advice and guidance can come from the titular dog.

If All Else Fails, Ctrl Alt Delete

This t shirt forms part of a range of different computer related slogans, with others including ‘Every Day I’m Buffering’ (read into this what you will) – the ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ shirt is recommended, though, if you want a bit of a change from all the ‘Keep Calm…’ t shirts around at the moment.

Ask Me About My T-Rex

A great idea for a comedy t shirt, this one features the above lettering in black print on a green shirt – you then pull the shirt over your head, and the inside has a picture of a T-Rex’s head – wave your arms around for the full dinosaur effect.

Kollige Itz Wear I Got Mi Edukashun

If you want to show off your hard won (and expensive) education, then you can’t do much better than this spelling challenged t shirt – comes in white on green for a simple but effective design. Old Age: The First Thing to Go is Your Memory; The Second Thing to Go is Your Memory A perfect quote for when you may have had a few too many drinks on a night out, this t shirt slogan is just long enough for passersby to check it out before forgetting why they’re spending so long looking at your t shirt.

Property of the Pub: Please Return Immediately

From Xplicity Industries, this t shirt uses white lettering on a blue design, and provides helpful instructions to anyone that might find you between the pub and home.

After Dinner Tuxedo Shirt

For when you can’t be bothered to switch up to a suit for a special occasion, this t shirt design does the job for you, and has a suit jacket printed onto it; available in several different colours.

Got Your Tickets? To the Gun Show

Depending on how confident you are with the guns in question, you can wear this black on red shirt with helpful arrows pointing to either bicep. See also: ‘Don’t Need a Permit for These Guns’.

This is my Zombie Killing Shirt

Covered in blood splatters, and designed with white on black lettering, this t shirt is the ideal way to unwind at the pub after a long day of zombie killer.

I Blog to Differ

With this t shirt repeating ‘I blog to differ’ over and over again, you’re probably more likely to get some funny looks before the joke starts to set in – still, though, you’ve at least managed to get someone to spend a few minutes figuring out what it means. ‘Brinngg! Brinngg! Oh no…my tap’s been phoned’ A bit of a high concept this one, the shirt includes the above lettering as black on orange, and provides the kind of play on word that’s essential for when you want to go for a more subtle wit than the gun show or the over the head t-rex shirt.