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Order Guide

/Order Guide
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Choose garments to be printed.

View onto our site and have a look at the catalogue, from there you can choose a wide selection of garments from t shirt, polo shirts and hoodies to bags and sweaters. When you have decided on the garment that you wish to have printed.

We also need to know the colour of garment that you wish to print onto.

Customise your items

Decide on the print that you want on the item, for this stage we need as much information as possible, Ideally we need the artwork as a vector format, any text and names should also be given and the font you want used if you have one.

Print positions & Colour

Decide on the positioning of the print, although you can have your print anywhere on the garment, the standard positions such as left brest, Chest and back prints are generic and we know which sizes to print them, unless you wish to print them to your exact sizes, which is not a problem at all.
We will also need to know the colour of print that you wish to have on your garment.

Individual names and numbers

In certain circumstances when the customer requires individual names and / or numbers, we ask the customer to either submit an word document or excel spreadsheet with the names and numbers on with the order form or clearly state the names and numbers in the email or description of the order.


When you have completed your order and both our team and yourself is satisfied you will be contacted via our sales team to complete the order by asking for your card details over the phone. We accept all major credit, debit cards and American Express we also accept BACS and Paypal as payment methods.

We hope you find ordering from The T Shirt Man as simple as possible, however if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly UK based support team.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 02392 984 667 or Email: info@thetshirtman.co.uk

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