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The T Shirt Man Garment Printing Techniques

Over the years there has been a huge variety of t shirt printing techniques that have come along since the traditional methods of screen printing and embroidery.

The newer methods of printing are more reliant on computers and complex printing systems such as the SoftJet system which is ideal for printing full colour prints onto white or light coloured garments and when you would like to print onto dark garments we would recommend using an Evolution transfer print.

Transfer Printing (Light Garments)

  • Most cost-effective full colour printing.
  • Fuses onto the fabric – no surrounding boxes, and garment moves freely and naturally.
  • Great for logos, designs, images, text, and particularly effective for hand drawings.

This is the most cost efficient way of printing full colour print onto any t shirt or garment, We recommend only using this method for white shirts where the transfer material we use fuses into the fabric of the shirt.

To remove any problem with excess we can cut freehand around your design, or if you are willing to sacrifice some colours in the design it may be possible to convert your design into a vector format, which would allow it to be printed using the vinyl printing process described above.

If in doubt it is always best to give us a call on 02392 984 667 and speak to one of our printers.

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